Snohomish County MRC Retreat 2018

A healthy, enduring marine ecosystem in Snohomish County which contributes to the overall health of Puget Sound and which is shared and protected by all.

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About us

Snohomish County is the most urbanized of the seven counties within the regional Northwest Straits Initiative. With a population of over 713,000, more people live in Snohomish County than the other six MRC counties combined. Its 130 miles of shoreline are largely developed, with the Port of Everett, Naval Station Everett, and Everett Marina as major industrial influences in the area.

The County boasts an extraordinary number of outstanding recreational water activities, including sailing, fishing, and diving. Snohomish County waters also support economically and ecologically valuable Dungeness crab and salmon populations, as well as productive estuarine habitat. The Tulalip and Stillaguamish Tribes have Usual and Accustomed fishing grounds within county waters.

Since its inception in 1999, the Snohomish MRC has received staff support from their Surface Water Management Department. The MRC’s 12 members represent a balance of scientists, local and tribal governments' staff and recreational, economic, and environmental interests. The mission of the MRC is to “address local marine issues, recommend remedial actions to local authorities and build local awareness of issues and support for remedies.”