8 things you can do to help save the Orcas

8 things you can do to help save the Orcas

Develop an appreciation for the Salish Sea and beyond

Download the MyCoast Smartphone App and become a citizen scientist and help document the status of our beaches. Become a Snohomish County Beach Watcher. Take the kids on a naturalist-led tide pool trip. 


Switch to natural cleaners

Make your own natural cleaning products at home with these easy recipes: Green Cleaning booklet. Read labels and avoid buying products with the terms CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER or POISON on them.


Reduce your use of plastic

Use reusable grocery bags, food storage, and water bottles. Check out Zero Waste Washington for more ideas on how to reduce, reuse, repair and repurpose. See what the Plastic Free Salish Sea campaign is doing.


Help reduce stormwater pollution

When each of the 4 million people around Puget Sound makes a small change, it adds up to cleaner, healthier water. Pick up after your pets, fix car leaks, install a rain garden, and use natural yard care practices.


Eat sustainable seafood

Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch program provides guidance for seafood lovers! You can also view a list of local Seattle Area sustainable seafood partners.


Learn to be Whale Wise 

Seeing marine wildlife is a thrilling experience, but our presence has an effect. Federal regulations for orcas require that boaters stay away and keep the path of the whales clear. When going whale watching, look for a Whale Wise guide. 


Support funding for salmon habitat restoration

Your voice is important! Determine who your local representatives and state representatives are, and talk to them about your ideas and concerns. 


Get involved in local restoration work

Organizations across the region including the Northwest Straits Initiative, Conservation Districts, Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups, and state agencies are working every day to restore salmon habitat. They all could use the help of volunteers like you. 


Click here for a printable version of this list to share. 

8 things you can do to help save the Orcas