Photo by: Debbie Hopkins
Ocean Literacy Education and Outreach

Ocean Literacy Education and Outreach


Film provides a powerful tool to engage a broad audience in a direct way that educates them about a problem, creates a better understanding of complex issues, and empowers positive next steps. Through a cascading film series that begins with the Puget Sound, incorporates the importance of freshwater ecosystem balance, and culminates with a wider look at the health of today’s Oceans, The Our Coast Film Series 2018 attempts to start a larger discussion within our community.


Our goal for the MRC Ocean Literacy program for 2018 is to provide citizens with a free educational experience that encourages engagement in local projects along Snohomish County’s marine shoreline. The Our Coast Community Film Series beginning in early 2018 will showcase independent films, local filmmakers and marine experts in a series of discussion focused events. Participants will also receive information on how to monitor changes at local beaches through the MyCoast App. 

Introduction of the MyCoast app, launched in 2016, creates a clear call to action for the audience to participate in local projects after the films. The app facilitates awareness of Snohomish County projects that currently address issues affecting all of us, further emphasizing connection and sense of place to participants.

Join the Event Conversation at Everett Community College.

Join the Event Conversation at University of Washington Bothell.


The Snohomish MRC is conducting outreach for the events within our communities, at local University and College campuses, as well as public school districts in the area to encourage participants of all ages. Attendance is free and includes information on how to download the MyCoast App. The goal with the call to action is to create a simple and straightforward way for citizens to engage in local projects.

Ocean Literacy Education and Outreach