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Meadowdale Beach Park Feasibility Study

Meadowdale Beach Park Feasibility Study

The Marine Resources Committee is partnering with Snohomish County Surface Water Management and Parks and Recreation to evaluate the feasibility of design alternatives to the culvert at Meadowdale Beach Park. The study will address fish passage, sedimentation flow, and beach access issues associated with the culvert.

Meadowdale Beach Park is a 108-acre park along the Puget Sound. The park features over 500 feet of shoreline, and one mile of riparian habitat along Lund’s Gulch Creek, which drains into the Sound. The Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad runs along the park's shoreline. Lund’s Gulch Creek is channeled through a box culvert under the railroad, which is also used by park patrons to access the beach. Due to the narrow culvert, the stream often floods the park’s lawn and deposits large volumes of sediment in and upstream of the culvert.

Sediment accumulation creates a number of problems at the park, restricting both fish and human passage through the culvert and requiring frequent maintenance. Salmon have been known to spawn in Lund’s Gulch Creek, while juvenile salmon use the creek and estuary for refuge.

The feasibility study aims to address the public access, fish barrier, and maintenance issues resulting from the sediment accumulation. This restoration project will create additional fish and wildlife habitat, and act as a buffer for hydrological processes.To view the design alternatives, click here.

For more information: Meadowdale Beach Feasibility Study

Stillaguamish To Benefit From Salmon Grants

Stanwood Camano News featured an article on Snohomish County Department of Public Works' use of salmon recovery grants to monitor salmon habitat along the Stillaguamish River. The article also highlights that a portion of this grant funding will be directed towards restoration efforts at Meadowdale Beach County Park. Snohomish County has been awarded $250,000 for work on preliminary designs to remove a culvert at Meadowdale Park. The culvert currently serves as a fish barrier, restricting travel between Lund's Gulch Creek and the shore.

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Meadowdale Beach Park Feasibility Study