Oil Spill Preparedness and Response


4,700 gallon spill near Point Wells in 2003Snohomish County Surface Water Management in partnership with the MRC sponsored a University of Washington Environmental Management Certificate Program Keystone Project.  The student team and their faculty advisor began work in the fall of 2010 to assess the county’s current marine oil spill preparedness and response plans and measures.  The team researched potential threats for oil spills in Snohomish County and developed options for proactive pre-spill measures that can be undertaken by Snohomish County to reduce the impact of spills on the marine environment.  These options were evaluated in terms of effectiveness and capacity.

The team presented their findings at the March 16, 2011 MRC Meeting.  The team did an excellent job of researching and synthesizing the information about Snohomish County and their role in oil spill prevention and response!  The next step for the MRC and the county is to review the options presented and determine how to act on these options.

Click here to download the Oil Spill Project fact sheet. 

Click here to download the complete Snohomish County Oil Spill Preparedness and Response report.

Project Team:

  • Team Members:
    Sara Booth
    Tom Carter
    Andrea Kunz
    Vivien Savath
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Dr. Robert Pavia
  • Project Sponsor:
    Kathleen Herrmann, MMA,
    Staff to the Snohomish County Marine Resources Advisory Committee